Demolition Man / Fatal Instinct / Remains of the Day (1993)

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deadlyshoesalesman (6 years ago)
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I’d like to see Twenty Bucks. I don’t think I’ll bother with Demolition Man, and there’s no way I’ll watch Fatal Instinct. Their review makes me want to watch Remains of the Day again. Any excuse is good to re-watch Streetcar and especially Double Indemnity. It’s All True looks like a must-see.
QuoteUnquoteSir (6 years ago)
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"Demolition Man" is lame in some ways, but also funny. Probably the first movie where Sandra Bullock’s quirky charm really stands out (though not as much as in her star making performance in "Speed") and Wesley Snipes was amusing as the typical ’90s villain - over-the-top hammy sadist who delights in violence and cocky one-liners.

The goofy future world of the movie with formal Taco Bells and machines that fine you for profanity was enjoyable too, with Stallone reacting deadpan to everything. Not a must see, but clever in spots. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes action movies.

"A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Double Indemnity" are two of my favourite black and white movies. I love when these guys talk about old classics.
twothumbsup89 (6 years ago)
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I like Fatal Instinct but it’s not up with there with The Naked Gun and Airplane as some of the greatest spoof comedies.
DJ_Burke (6 years ago)
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Siskel and Ebert were too nice to "Fatal Instinct". Oddly enough, they also gave two thumbs down to "Robin Hood: Men In Tights", which I thought was hilarious. They also added "Men In Tights" to their list of the worst movies of 1993, but said they were weighing in between that and "Fatal Instinct". They made the wrong choice on that one.
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"Fatal Instinct" was awful, it wasn’t funny.

"Demolition Man" was very funny, a true guilty pleasure, sure it’s message is a bit strange and muddled, but I did enjoy it. Beside it’s the first movie to utilize how romantic "the Love Boat" theme is. LOL.

"Remains of the Day" had a lot of great acting, I really agreed with both of them, but Roger a little more.

"$20" was a good offbeat little movie, sady all but forgotten.

Good laserdisc pick, remember laserdiscs?, can’t beat "Double Indemnity", one of the top 3 noirs.

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6 years ago
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Fatal Instinct: two thumbs down

Demolition Man: a split vote

The Remains of the Day: two thumbs up


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