Chain Reaction / Matilda / Emma (1996)

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jztzt (5 years ago)
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I am a minority on this, but I marginally like Chain Reaction. As for Matilda, I saw that years ago and I have good affection for that film.
TheRedBaron1985 (5 years ago)
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I like "Chain Reaction" too along with "Matilda" and "Emma". Very good films.

Yes, their were plenty of explosions in all summer movies that year. Interesting to see a TV Spot of "Chain Reaction" right in the conversation.

Claudette Colbert was a fine actress at her time, I’ll never forget that famous leg scene in "It Happened One Night". She will be missed.
Tha Critic (4 years ago)
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"Matilda" is a great memory from my childhood. I’m almost 20 but I still love it to this day.
Katie (4 years ago)
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Actually Siskel was right about one thing: Matilda’s powers come from the learning she’s done. It’s in the book, actually, toward the end. In fact, when Matilda is placed in classes that challenge her, she loses her telekinetic ability. I’m actually a bit disappointed they changed that in the movie, other than that they stuck pretty close to the book, with a few exceptions, and I’ve always recommended it. I’m going with Ebert on that one.
Two Lost Hours (4 years ago)
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Nice laugh line:

Gene: We ought to have all the jobs in Hollywood.
Roger: That would be nice, wouldn’t it, but we would be very busy.
Matt_D (4 years ago)
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I actually never saw Chain Reaction, and it was akin to someone who wouldn’t see a sequel to a film that they enjoyed. I loved the Andrew Davis film The Fugitive. It was so perfect that I want to remember him for that. So, along with the bad reviews for Chain Reaction, I chose to not taint my thoughts of Andrew Davis by seeing Chain Reaction. I admit it doesn’t make much sense, but that’s how I felt.
Kate (4 years ago)
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"Roger, I’m not recommending it."

Haha, that exchange. I enjoyed Matilda too, but I’m not sure how much of that is nostalgia.

This site is great, by the way. Thanks for all the uploads.
firstmagnitude (4 years ago)
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Your welcome Kate.
futuremw (1 year ago)
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i can’t believe Gene disliked Matilda! it didn’t do what he wanted it to because for the most part, it was doing what the book did! what he wanted wasn’t in the book!

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5 years ago
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Chain Reaction: two thumbs down

Matilda: a split decision

Emma: two thumbs up


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