Gridlock’d / Star Wars (Special Edition) 1997

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Nicholas Vargo (7 years ago)
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Actually I think it was a split vote on Gridlock’d. Sounds like Siskel didn’t care for the film at all outside of Tupac Shakur’s performance. Ebert definitely gave it a thumbs up though.
firstmagnitude (7 years ago)
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It may be... I will have to look it up.
TheRedBaron1985 (6 years ago)
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"Shadow Conspiracy" is the most preposterous thriller ever made, wasted talents of Charlie Sheen, Donald Sutherland, Linda Hamilton and of course, Sam Waterston.

"Star Wars" is still the best sci-fi action adventure film ever made! I thought the "Special Edition" was good, went to see it on the big screen!

"Gridlock’d" is a decent film with Tim Roth and Tupac Shakur, but wasn’t his last film until "Gang Related".

Also, "Waiting for Guffman" is a very good film from director, Christopher Guest!
Wes (6 years ago)
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I love Ebert’s laugh at 2:32 during Siskel’s description of the elevator action sequence in "Shadow Conspiracy." I’ve never seen it, but I might have to track it down after watching this review. It looks terrible, but fun in its own way.
starwarsjoker (2 years ago)
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Star Wars is my absolute favorite film of all time, it’s one I love watching again and again.
nick (2 years ago)
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could you post the original review where Ebert slams Star Wars and Siskel calls him an idiot?
Two Lost Hours (4 years ago)
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I agree about "Star Wars." "Empire" is probably better made, but I still find the original the most entertaining.

By the way, I think Nicholas Vargo is right. Siskel agrees with Ebert’s characterization that he’s "steering people away" from the film, despite Tupac’s performance.
DrTacos (6 months ago)
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Wow. I’m watching this in 2017, exactly the same amount of time between when star wars came out and the special release, and the time between now and this episode. And I thought the movies were old then. And another kicker, right now I’m exactly the same age that Harrison Ford was when he shot the first one. Very strange for me to think about.

Maybe they should re-release the Siskel and Ebert shows with special effects.

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7 years ago
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(Tape ended before the thumbs-up portion of the show - sorry)

Shadow Conspiracy: Thumbs down to this Charlie Sheen and Donald Sutherland film.


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