L.A. Confidential / The Game / The End of Violence (1997)

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lwilson19 (4 years ago)
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What a dilemma at the box office back then! LA Confidential or The Game? While most people would choose the former, I think the latter is quite good as well.
TheRedBaron1985 (6 years ago)
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"The Game" is the most strangest, but very interesting thriller from director, David Fincher.

"L.A. Confidential" is another well made crime drama and film noir from director, Curtis Hanson. Shame that this film got beaten at the Oscars for "Titanic" (Even though I like the film, too! But it was overrated!).

"The End of Violence" is a decent film with Bill Pullman.
jflower (6 years ago)
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The consensus seems to be with Ebert on The Game and The End of Violence.
Matt_D (5 years ago)
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Two amazing movies. I love LA Confidential, but I think I love The Game even more. Even if you don’t buy all of the conceit, the movie is brazen in throwing everything at Michael Douglas. I’m actually not a fan of Sean Penn usually, but here he is great. All of the actors are amazing in The Game.
StanSwitek (5 years ago)
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L.A. Confidential is hands down the best crime film ever made. Its incredible. It absolutely damn well did get robbed at the oscars.

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7 years ago
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The Game: A mixed review with Michael Douglas

The End of Violence: A mixed review.

L.A. Confidential: Two thumbs...

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