Texasville / Miller’s Crossing / NC - 17 (1990)

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TheJAMMan (5 years ago)
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You know? there’s another NC-17, a guy named NC-17, aka "kenny", he’s on YouTube, reviewing video games, and curses at them, too. The NC-17 segment is good, too.
shogunblade (7 years ago)
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I actually did a report on Movie Content, and NC-17 was a big part of it all. I don’t think S&E could have ever imagined that a movie like "Hostel" would get an "R" rating, and anything with s*x was an "NC-17".

It’s cool to see this little bit of history of the ratings system and the history of film reviewing. Thank you.
speedyboris (7 years ago)
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Ironic that they’d be in favor of the NC-17 rating when in short order Ebert would be displeased with it and would argue in favor of an "A" rating. Sadly, there’s still some stigma attached to anything higher than an R.
TheRedBaron1985 (7 years ago)
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"Pacific Heights" was a dreadful thriller with Michael Keaton as the villian, worst film of 1990! Kinda like the awful "Desperate Measures" from 1998.

"Miller’s Crossing" is still the best film the Coen Brothers has ever directed. "Kings of New York" is also good with Christopher Walken.

And yes, I remember the MPAA controversy with Rated "NC-17" replacing Rated "X". Originally, there was a short-lived Rated "A" for Adults Only, which their first film with that rating was "Life is Cheap.... But Toilet Paper is Expensive!" When "Siskel & Ebert" reviewed that film, they’ve gotten away showing the mildly disturbing scene with the hand cut off on screen.
PatrickGreagh (12 months ago)
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Ebert claims to be a great fan of Henry James, and yet ironically doesn’t care for ’Miller’s Crossing’, the Coen brothers’s masterpiece, and then browbeats Siskel on a couple minor qualms and acts as if they’re major problems with the movie.
Ebert was always a conceited, petty bully.
And he preferred ’Texasville’, which is pure crap.
Ebert’s hopeful words about NC - 17 ratings is absurd. The ratings system has always been, and forever will be, a bad joke.
canius (6 years ago)
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They HATED Pacific Heights :-o whooa :-o
The only good scene is when she TRACKS him down :-)
swatch71 (3 years ago)
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14:13 - 14:21 Oops, somebody turned on the blender! :D
Steven Ackerman (5 months ago)
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Notice Roger’s voice-over during the showing of the X and NC-17 ratings change? When the X is there, his voice is one way, then with NC-17, it is different. Like it was recorded separately, or something.

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7 years ago
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Pacific Heights: two thumbs down

King of New York: two thumbs down

Miller’s Crossing: two thumbs up

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