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Welcome to siskelandebert.org, an on-line archive dedicated to preserving the episodes of the various Siskel and Ebert movie review programs over the years. 

Our primary focus is to rebuild each of the Siskel and Ebert series as comprehensively as possible.  As such, our website serves as a repository for people to donate copies from their Siskel and Ebert collection, expressly for this purpose. 

Our project is given an added sense of urgency because, as it has been correctly documented, the producing companies of “Opening Soon…At a Theater Near You,” “Sneak Previews,” as well as “At the Movies,” (WTTW Chicago and Tribune Entertainment, respectively) did not save the master tapes to these shows.   Further, while it appears that Disney Television did archive their master tapes for “Siskel & Ebert” from 1986-1999, the online archive which they had in support of the show was recently taken down after the show’s cancellation.  At this time no other Siskel & Ebert archive exists. 

Siskel and Ebert aired during an era when television shows were recorded and preserved by the general public on magnetic videotape.  As we rely heavily on what people may have recorded from these shows, it is understandable that in many cases we are not dealing with the most pristine of copies because of the format in which they were recorded, as well as the fact that this format deteriorates over time.  Therefore, our goal is not only to compile as many episodes of the various Siskel and Ebert series as possible, but also to find the best quality of each episode available.  With this in mind, please observe the following guidelines when considering adding to our collection:

  1. Uploads must be Siskel and Ebert related only.  This does include the period of time after the death of Gene Siskel, where Roger Ebert worked with a multitude of guest hosts, before permanently adding Richard Roeper as co-host.  However please refrain from any uploads that do not include either Gene Siskel or Roger Ebert, or both.

  2. Uploads must be the complete episode, or as near complete as possible.  Please do not upload an episode split up into parts, and do not upload a single review.  We are interested only in full unedited episodes, or as near complete as possible.

  3. We all know that for about three years the At the Movies website maintained by Buena Vista/Disney had virtually every Siskel & Ebert review since they began with them in 1986.  Though that website is gone many people have saved at least some of these reviews, and many can be found on YouTube.  Please do not upload these reviews mirrored from the At the Movies website or YouTube.  Again we are interested in only full episodes whenever possible. 

  4. Mirrored full episodes from YouTube will most likely be deleted in favor of a better quality upload from the originator of the video, which in most cases would be Firstmagnitude or gradepoint.  Please avoid uploading any mirrored videos.

  5. When there is a duplicate video uploaded, the video which is of the best quality will be kept, while the other will be deleted.  This ensures our aim of retaining the best possible quality, and more practically, will save us on server space. 

  6. Please avoid uploading duplicates unless you are fairly certain yours is substantially better.  If it is clear to you that your copy is better, please do post it, as again we are always in search of the best copy.

  7. As site administrators we reserve the right to delete any videos that we feel do not adhere to our guidelines or otherwise contribute to our goal of preserving the memory of this television institution.
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